about me...

my name is [TO BE DETERMINED], and i'm a 26 year old trans man who lives in seattle. i'm an aquarius, intp, enneagram type 5, and probably some other fake personality test results too.

i'm italian on both sides of my family and can decently read and write the language, but i'm not so good at speaking it yet. i can also understand a pretty good amount of spanish and portuguese! spanish was a mandatory class for me from like 4th grade all the way through high school, so those three languages have been easy to learn. but speaking them is a lot harder for me than reading and writing!

i taught myself html and css on neopets in elementary school, because i was a weird fat kid with no friends. i'm no expert(obviously...look at this site)but i find the process fun and relaxing, especially late at night when i should be asleep.

my main hobby other than this site is drawing, and i also enjoy writing original fiction sometimes, but i'm kinda shy about sharing my writing. i almost exclusively make art about queer bodies, because that's what interests me.

i'm not super into video games or anime—i just watch whatever my partner exposes me to—but there's a few series i love and i'm a big spyro the dragon fan. i'm more into music and movies. i have a hard time picking favorites but i really love the 1988 nic cage movie VAMPIRE'S KISS. i can listen to and enjoy music from p much any genre(yeah even rap and country)but metal is what i spend the most time listening to.

i'm interested in consumer aesthetics, paleontology, queer erotica, masks, dragons, satanism, neon green, mexican food....normal stuff :^)